Odin Yellow IMD Replacement Lenses

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Odin Yellow IMD Replacement Lenses

Lens Type:

  • Technology: IMD (Injection Mold Dual) Technology
  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Base Color: Yellow lens


  • IMD Technology: Injection Mold Dual technology provides undistorted clarity with a single, seamless lens construction.
  • Light Transmission: 75.5%, suitable for low light conditions.
  • Contrast: Increased contrast for improved visibility.
  • Protection: Provides UV protection.
  • Durability: Impact-resistant polycarbonate material.


  • Low Light Conditions: Effective in environments with limited lighting.
  • Enhanced Contrast: Ideal for activities requiring improved contrast and depth perception in low light.

Lens Appearance:

  • Yellow Tint: Yellow surface designed to enhance visibility in low light conditions.


  • Category 1: Light tint suitable for low light conditions.

Description: The Odin Yellow IMD Replacement Lenses feature Nordik's innovative IMD (Injection Mold Dual) Technology, offering a single, seamless lens construction that provides undistorted clarity and reduces eye strain compared to traditional dual-lens designs. Made from durable polycarbonate material with a yellow base color, these lenses have a high light transmission rate of 75.5%, making them ideal for low light conditions where enhanced contrast and visibility are crucial. The yellow tint further improves depth perception and reduces eye fatigue in dimly lit environments, suitable for activities such as night driving, cycling at dusk, or skiing in overcast weather. These lenses also offer UV protection and ensure clear vision, combining advanced technology with practical performance.