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ODIN IMD Snow Goggles + Diamant™ Low Night Bonus Lens

ODIN IMD Snow Goggles + Diamant™ Low Night Bonus Lens


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Fit: Unisex Design, Medium to Large fit
Color:  Matte Black Frame + Silver Lens
Frame: Magnetic technology, High-density face foam, Over the glasses
Lens:  Cylindrical in Diamant™ Lens, IMD lens, Permanent Anti-fog
Bonus lens: Diamant™ rose-based with Revo Blue mirrored coating
Strap: Black silicone anti-slip strap
Lens detail: 
  • IMD Dual Silver Mirrored lens
  • Light Transmission: 10%
  • Light Conditions: Strong Sunlight
  • Contrast: Natural
  • Base Lens Color: Gray
  • Category: 3
Bonus lens detail:
  • Diamant™ Rose based with Revo Blue mirrored coating
  • Light Transmission: 40%
  • Light Conditions: Medium Light
  • Contrast: Medium Light
  • Base Lens: Rose
  • Category: 2

Product details

Our patented ski goggles frame and lens design give you the ability to perform at your highest level with ease and versatility.

· Nordik 9-Magnet interchangeable lens system for quick, easy lens changes

· IMD Dual lens patented technology in one lens and High Contrast Rose based lens with Revo Blue coating enhance clarity and natural color to make the details pop while providing UV 400 protection from the sun.

· Large lens shape gives you a wide field of vision so that you can see clearly not just in front of you but in your periphery as well.

· Anti-Fog lens coating, to keep your vision clear 

· In-frame ventilation system integrates with helmets for fog-free lenses.

· Extended High-Density Face Foam extends outside the frame so you never feel the frame on your face.

· No-Sew strap adjustment system lets you find the right fit quickly and with ease.

· Ultra-wide, interchangeable, silicone-backed strap stays put in all conditions

· Frame allows you to be able to wear your prescription eyewear with ease under the goggle.

· Designed to fit with any helmet

· Includes two interchangeable lenses (no venting in the second lens)
· Printed Goggles case
· Microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve

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Nordik Odin snow goggles is engineered to push the boundaries of performance with a purpose-built design that conforms to the contours of the face. With its progressive wrap design, vented frame architecture, and innovative, lightweight 9-Magnet interchangeable lens that allows the lens to remain in the frame in the most extreme conditions, while still allowing ease of transitioning between lenses. Paired with the patented IMD Dual Lens Technology in one lens and a High Contrast Rose based lens with Revo Blue mirrored coating as a second interchangeable lens, you will not meet a condition that cannot be dominated. Nordik Odin snow goggles empowers athletes to test their limits all day with optimized coverage and comfort with interchangeable lenses, expanded high density foam, no-sew interchangeable strap and an expanded field of view.

Customer Reviews

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Dustin Richards
happy with my order

Really happy with my order. It's a good fit. No gaps or anything. No problem with my helmet on too.
I really like that its magnetic. The magnets on this are really strong and secure, so I don't have to worry about it. And strangely enough, it's actually really easy to change lens because of how it's built. You need to put some pressure to pop off, but when it pops off, it pops off.
I actually found this through Amazon, but I checked the website to see if I could get a deal before making a purchase. I'm glad I did because I was able to get 10% off my first order. I was already planning to buy it at full price, but it's nice to save a little.