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RIKR Polarized Photochromic Pink Sunglasses

RIKR Polarized Photochromic Pink Sunglasses


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Classic styling with a comfortable, easy fit.

  • Built for comfort and style, RIKR is the perfect mix of timeless colorways and modern design. Built for Medium-Large Fit
  • Durable Matte Black TR90 frames are extremely flexible, lightweight and they will stay in place without pressure behind your ears or on your nose.
  • Photochromic and Polarized, shatter-resistant Pink mirror lens with Grey tint: 100% UV protection / shatter-resistant / saltwater resistant
  • Includes Microfiber Cleansing Pouch + Foldable Protective Case
  • Great for everyday use like Fishing, Cycling, Hiking and Running

Primary Lens: Polarized Photochromic Revo Pink Lens 

  • Light Transmission: 26%-11%
  • Light Conditions: Medium light
  • in Contrast: Decreased
  • Base Lens Color: Grey
  • Cat: 2
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        Nordik Running Sunglasses

        Customer Reviews

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        Has (almost) all I want and need.

        Has (almost) all I want and need.
        It has everything I'm looking for in a pair of sunglasses.
        Appearance wise, I like the shape. I like sunglasses that can be worn in different occasions and places, and this deisgn lends to that easily. It goes well with anything no matter the event. Black is such a classic and the accompany pink really makes the colors pop due to contrast. This works especially well because the lenses cover the whole face since the lenses make up the whole rim, that way the lenses are all the way flushed to the end piece. Head on, it's such an appealing look. One thing that I wished were different is that the detailing was gold instead of white, but that's a small preference difference. The reason why I want it to be gold is because a black, pink, gold combo would go nicely, and also it would match the gold detailing of the case. But again, preference. If you don't like gold, then I can see the white detailing being a plus.
        When I pick out sunglasses, I want to cover my bases with protection. At the minimum, I want UV protection, but these sunglasses are also photochromic and polarized. UV protection is useful to deal with the harm of UV rays, but photochromic and polarized lenses are nice for practical reasons. With photochromic lenses, they lighten and deepen in color depending on the sunglight, and with polarized lenses, they reduce glare from reflective surfaces. The nice quality of life improvements are a great bonus, and I can't see myself going back.
        Recommended? Yes, I do.