Introducing the Exclusive IMD Technology

IMD (Injection Mold Dual) is Nordik’s groundbreaking solution to combat eye strain and enhance clarity for winter sport enthusiasts. Unlike traditional dual-lens goggles where two lenses are typically glued together, IMD technology utilizes a single, pressurized lens construction for undistorted vision and enhanced comfort.

Single-Layer Clarity

IMD technology revolutionizes goggle design by integrating two functions into a single lens without the use of glue. This innovative approach eliminates the potential for visual fatigue caused by viewing through multiple layers, ensuring clear and uninterrupted vision on the slopes.

Comfort and Performance

By consolidating two lenses into one seamless layer, IMD goggles provide superior comfort and reduce the strain on your eyes. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to extended wear without compromising on performance.

Functionality and Durability

IMD lenses are not only about clarity and comfort but also durability. The single-layer construction enhances the durability of the goggles, ensuring they withstand the rigors of winter sports while maintaining optimal performance.

IMD stands for Injection Mold Dual and is our revolutionary solution to eye strain. Commonly, goggle lenses are dual lenses in which two lenses, usually anti-scratch and anti-fog, are glued together; however, this can cause fatigue for its wearer since no matter how seamless the assembling process, looking through two lenses can cause fatigue. IMD offers undistorted clarity as IMD is functionally one singular lense, as ODIN’s lenses are pressurized into one singular layer without any use of glue.