Torsten Gray Mirror Coating Replacement Lenses

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Torsten Gray Mirror Coating Replacement Lenses

Lens Type:

  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Base Color: Gray lens with Mirror Coating


  • Light Transmission: 19.8%, suitable for medium light conditions.
  • Contrast: Enhanced contrast for improved visibility.
  • Protection: Provides excellent UV protection.
  • Durability: Impact-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • Mirror Coating: Reduces glare and adds a reflective, stylish finish.


  • Medium Light Conditions: Effective in environments with moderate lighting.
  • Enhanced Contrast: Ideal for activities requiring improved contrast and depth perception.

Lens Appearance:

  • Mirror Coating: Reflective surface adds a sleek and modern look.


  • Category 2: Medium tint suitable for average sunlight conditions.

Description: These replacement lenses are crafted from durable polycarbonate material and feature a gray base color with a stylish mirror coating. With a light transmission rate of 19.8%, they are designed for medium light conditions, providing a good balance between light reduction and visibility. The mirror coating reduces glare, enhances contrast, and adds a reflective finish, making them ideal for outdoor activities where improved depth perception and a modern aesthetic are desired. Suitable for average sunlight conditions, these lenses offer enhanced visual clarity and protection.