About Diamant™

Diamant™ High Contrast Lens Technology Press Release

 Diamant™, a flawless way to see the field.

 When seeing crystal clear isn’t clear enough. Diamant™, see flawlessly!

 Flawless clarity with Nordik Eyewear’s Diamant™ High Contrast lenses!


Flawless clarity has been discovered with Nordik Eyewear Diamant™ High Contrast lenses. Diamant™ lenses can be found in nearly all Nordik styles, from snow goggles to sport eyewear, for cycling, running, fishing, golf, and baseball. Now you can see every bump, curve, dip, valley, or obstacle in your path, flawlessly!

Have you ever hit that jump and not seen the slope behind it, creating an “Ohhhh” moment instead of an “Awww”, or hit that perfect putt only to have it roll right on past the hole because you didn’t see the slope of the green? Maybe you’ve wound up with a bad case of road rash because you missed that sandy edge of road you went barreling down. Never again! With the high contrast lens technology of the Diamant™ lenses from Nordik Eyewear you will never miss anything in your path again. The naked eye will miss those obstacles every time, as well as the traditional dark lens sunglasses we’ve always worn, even those beloved polarized lenses can’t see these obstacles unless they have the added Diamant™ High Contrast Lens Technology.  

Diamant™ High Contrast Lenses will:

  • Allows the eyes to receive more specific color information which increases the sharpness and clarity of the image
  • Reduce eye fatigue because the eyes no longer have to strain to see clearly
  • See contrast more vibrantly between colors such as white against colors like greens or blues or reds
  • Primary colors will now seem to pop instead of dulling down
  • Flawless clarity to see every imperfection in the landscape

    Our Story

    Nordik was created from an idea to combine fashion and function. It intended to design, and develop eyewear with fashion and function to meet the needs of the most passionate athlete. With Nordik Eyewear you can now always find a piece of eyewear that will help you get to your athletic peak!

    For All Weather Conditions


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