TORSTEN Photochromic Black Red Replacement Lenses

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TORSTEN Photochromic Black Red Replacement Lenses

  • Lens Type: Photochromic lens

    • Features:
      • Automatically adjusts to changing UV light exposure.
      • Enhances details in varying light conditions.
    • Protection: UV 400 protection from the sun.
  • Light Transmission: 23%

    • Suitability: Effective in moderate light conditions.
  • Light Conditions: Ideal for changing conditions

    • Adaptability: Perfect for environments with fluctuating light.
  • Contrast: Natural Base

    • Effect: Maintains natural color perception.
  • Lens Appearance: Clear

    • Category: 2 (Medium tint lenses suitable for average sunlight conditions).

These lenses are specifically designed to fit Torsten frames, providing both optimal protection and visual clarity in a variety of light conditions.