TORSTEN Photochromic Ice Blue Replacement Lenes

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TORSTEN Photochromic Ice Blue Replacement Lenes

Lens Details:

  • Lens Type: Photochromic lens

    • Features:
      • Automatically adjusts to changing UV light exposure.
      • Enhances details in varying light conditions.
    • Protection: Provides UV 400 protection from the sun.
  • Coating: Ice Blue coating

    • Benefit: Adds a stylish look while reducing glare and enhancing visual clarity.
  • Light Transmission: 23%

    • Suitability: Effective in moderate light conditions.
  • Light Conditions: Ideal for changing conditions

    • Adaptability: Perfect for environments with fluctuating light.
  • Contrast: Natural Base

    • Effect: Maintains natural color perception.
  • Lens Appearance: Clear

    • Category: 2 (Medium tint lenses suitable for average sunlight conditions).

These TORSTEN Photochromic lenses with Ice Blue coating are designed to fit Torsten frames, offering excellent protection and visual clarity. The Ice Blue coating not only enhances style but also reduces glare, making them ideal for varying light conditions where they automatically adjust to changing UV exposure.