FREYA Youth Magnetic Snow Goggles + Low night bonus lens

$90.00 USD

12 reviews


Freya is an excellent choice for young skiers and snowboarders, especially those aged 6-13 years old! Designed with a focus on safety and functionality, it offers features like Toric lenses with UV400 protection and anti-fog capabilities. This ensures clear vision during activities on the slopes, which is essential for both safety and enjoyment.

Freya's colorways matching those of LOKI make it ideal for family trips where both kids and adults can coordinate their gear. Despite being designed for kids, it shares the same style elements with LOKI, which is designed for adults, ensuring a cohesive look across different age groups.

The Magnetic Interchangeable Lenses System further enhances its versatility, allowing easy adjustment to varying light conditions. This adaptability is particularly useful during family trips when weather conditions can change unexpectedly.

Overall, Freya appears to be a reliable, stylish, and functional choice that would appeal to both young skiers and snowboarders as well as their parents, making it a great option for family outings on the slopes.

Fit: Unisex Design, Youth fit
Color: Matte Purple Frame + Cherry Pink Lens
Frame: Magnetic technology, High-density face foam, Over the glasses
Lens: Toric in Diamant™ Lens, Permanent Anti-fog
Bonus lens: Rose-based with silver coating 
Strap: Pink silicone anti-slip strap
Lens detail: 

  • Crystal Pink Mirrored lens
  • Light Transmission: 18%
  • Light Conditions: Medium Light
  • Contrast: Natural
  • Base Lens Color: Gray
  • Category: 2

Bonus lens detail:

  • Rose Silver Lens
  • Light Transmission: 25%
  • Light Conditions: Medium Light
  • Contrast: Natural
  • Base Lens: Rose
  • Category: 2


Magnetic Interchangeable Lenses System: Lenses are secured by a magnetic hold and can be easily swaped.

UV400 Protection: Completely shields from harmful UV rays.

TPU Frame: Strong, yet light for maximum comfort and support.

Anti-Fog Technology: Protects lenses from fogging.

Diamant™ Technology: Provides enhanced clarity and contrast.

LOKI & FREYA Family Series

Introducing the ultimate family snow goggles set – FREYA for kids and LOKI for adults. Designed to keep you and your little ones stylish and protected on your snowy adventures, these goggles offer the best in comfort, visibility, and durability. Whether you're hitting the slopes or building a snowman, FREYA and LOKI ensure your family's vision is crystal clear and fashionably aligned. This approach ensures that both children and parents can enjoy their snowy vacation with matching yet age-appropriate snow goggles that combine fun with practicality.


Clarity is paramount and our anti-fog technology effectively prevents lens fogging, ensuring that your vision stays sharp and your focus remains on your performance, not on wiping your lenses.

Magnetic Interchangeable Lenses System 

With our magnetic interchangeable lenses system, you can switch between lenses in seconds, making swaps easy and simple. Not only does this offer more freedom for customization, this makes responding to the ever-changing conditions on any winter adventure a quick and effortless task as you can switch between lenses that combat against different VTL (visible light transmissions). Our snow goggles are proven intuitive and versatile to any snow sport enthusiast.


The TPU frame provides durability, yet the material feels light on the face, making the goggles both robust and congenial. Comfort and functionality converge with our adjustable, non-slip strap and soft foam lining, ensuring comfort for all-day wear. Enjoy a perfect fit that adjusts to your face, providing effective insulation and protection against the cold.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great for toddler

Great fit for my 4yo son. It may also grow with him for some time!

Very comfortable

I recently purchased a pair of ski goggles for my daughter, she loves it very much, anti-fog is super good, comfortable to wear for a long time.

Kalpesh Patel
Very good

My kids and I like skiing, these ski goggles are both fit for us very well, I saw them on Youtube, so I have decided to buy one for a try, I am happy with my purchase.

Sergei Yelizarov
Parent-child ski goggles

I recently purchased a pair of parent-child ski goggles, the goggles fit both my child and myself comfortably, we love them very much.

Look great

It's not easy to find a pair of ski goggles for my children, but they looks great, I bought these goggles for a try, what's more, they are fit very well, I am very happy with them, highly recommend!