FRIGG 1 Fishing/Cycling/Running Sunglasses

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Fast styling with a full frame, to allow you to dominate the road anyway your take it!

  • Durable Matte Black TR90 full frames are extremely flexible, lightweight, with a RX frame insert included.
  • Diamant™  hign contrast, shatter-resistant lens with Rose tint: 100% UV protection / shatter-resistant / salt water resistant
  • With moldable nose pads to fit every face and nose shape. You will not see comfort like this in any other piece of eyewear.
  • Includes Microfiber Cleansing Pouch + Hard Cover Case
  • Great for Golfing or Baseball

Primary Lens: Diamant™ High Contrast Pink Lens

  • Light Transmission: 74%
  • Light Conditions: Low light
  • In Contrast: Increased
  • Base Lens Color: Rose
  • Cat: 1

          Key Features

          UV400 Protection: Complete shield from harmful UV rays.

          Anti-Impact: Shatter-resistant lenses for added safety.

          TR90 Frame: Durable and flexible for maximum comfort and longevity.

          Adjustable Nose Pads: Ensure a personalized and secure fit.

          Diamant™ Technology: Provides enhanced clarity and contrast.

          Myopia Frame

          For prescription glasses wearers, a myopia frame is a handy game changer. Athletes that require prescription sunglasses can still reap the benefits of sports glasses using a myopia frame. After fitting their own prescription lenses into the myopia frame insert, they just need to securely pop the myopia frame insert into the divots above the nose pad, and they are set! Instead of continuingly purchasing expensive prescription sunglasses, you can make a one time purchase and switch out the lenses within the myopia frame as you see fit.

          Diamant™ Technology

          Nordik’s patented Diamant™ technology brings you flawless clarity. The high contrast lenses offer you a high definition experience as you embark on your sunny adventures. The Diamant™ flawlessly provides high definition clarity by manipulating the light’s reactions to colors, increasing the vibrancy between colors such as white against colors like greens or blues or reds. Besides enhancing your visual enjoyment, Diamant™ lenses offer visual comfort to your eyes due to less need to strain them which leads to a faster response time, better performance, and improved safety. Experience adventure with Diamant™.

          Polarized Lenses

          Polarized sunglasses are becoming a staple for many athletes. Glare can be problematic, and Nordik’s polarized sunglasses offer a perfect solution! Our polarized lenses reduce glare from shiny surfaces, and this can be a gamechanger for many athletes and hobbyists! Those enjoying the road need shielding from car headlights. Water sports enthusiasts need shielding from the sun’s glare reflecting on the water. Sunglasses without polarized properties can lead to hours of eyestrain and discomfort. With Nordik’s polarized sunglasses, athletes and hobbyists can enjoy their activities to the fullest extent- relaxed and focused!

          Photochromic Lenses

          Photochromic sunglasses are championed for their versatility. No need to purchase multiple sunglasses when one pair can suffice since photochromic lenses darken and lighten depending on lighting conditions. Wear it outside or inside; for sports or for everyday wear. Nordik’s photochromic sunglasses can be a staple gear for anyone.

          Tinted Lenses

          The tints in our sunglasses are perfectly designed for your own enjoyment- suiting any and every activity so you can enjoy yourself hassle-free. They also don’t impede on the outside appearance, giving you both style and utility.

          Our gray tint is manufactured to block the sun’s rays. Perfect for outdoor activities, be it cycling or running, our gray tinted sunglasses have you covered. 

          Active Performance

          With FRIGG 1 full-frame sunglasses, you get more than just eye protection; you get a reliable companion for all your athletic endeavors. Personalize your eyewear to match your activity and enjoy unmatched comfort and performance. Order your FRIGG 1 sunglasses today and take your sports experience to the next level.

          Customer Reviews

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          Ashely Parker
          Perfect for Golf

          Got this for golf and I love it! The lens changes color when they get hit by the sun. It's very practical while being very stylish. Makes playing golf a lot easier, would get another in a differnt color for variety next time!